I’m lost. And it’s my own fault. It’s about time I figured out that I can’t ask people to keep me found.

Anne Sexton (via feellng)

I just want to stab myself tonight. Maybe a hundred times would be enough.

1. He has to be gentle. That would my mother would always tell me. No matter the looks, how thick his wallet is in his jeans or slacks is unimportant, as so as the penury he’s felt. As long as the man is gentle, he will make you fall in love with him again. Every time.

2. He has to counter me from my what’s right and wrong. He has to correct me even if it’s the thing I hate most in the entire world. I can be stubborn. But I do hate it, really. If he needs to pour a bucket of ice on top of me for his perspective to be proven, which is right, so be it.

3. Reading to me will make my five senses miraculously focused on him alone. The pitch of his voice; how differently he says ph from th, the way his lips move, the feeling of his direct skin on mine, the smell of manhood and utter love, and the taste of forever. Of course, the meaning is important but my body will commit to memory on how you read.

4. Holding me will be your one-way ticket to escape a fight. You don’t have to touch me specifically, because I don’t have a favourite place to be touched. My skin is liquid. Touch me someplace else, the beholder of it will budge. The beholder is my mind. Don’t be worried though because I’ll surely touch you back. I will not just pay you with a caress or an embrace but be reminded that I am inhumanely sensitive and I will perceive it as that you love me(back).

5. But most of all, he will have to forgive me a legion of times and would make my dark places a home for himself.

Addie S. “a list for my future lover” (via mossyribs)